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  1. How will I obtain access to my accounting material?
  2. Can other people access my data?
  3. What about security?
  4. What software can I use?
  5. Do I have to leave my current accountant?
  6. What will it cost?
  7. Does Office Pioneer provide audit and tax services?
  8. Are there any other costs, like a set-up fee?

Q1. How will I obtain access to my accounting material?
Office Pioneer is its own Application Service Provider (ASP) which hosts your bookkeeping software and data files. At any time from any Internet accessible computer you can use your password to access your accounting records. They are always up to date and always accurate. This is the same procedure and technology your bank, medical record keepers, and the IRS use to access and process information. It is secure and it is dependable with 100% back-up running in real time. (Security)

Q2. Can other people access my data?
No one can have access to your data without your company’s express permission. Our ASP goes to extraordinary lengths when it comes to security measures. Office Pioneer can offer greater security than many companies with in-house software and hardware. Your data is backed up on a real time basis to a secure offsite backup facility. Also, the facility’s power supply is hooked up to backup generators to protect against power failures. How many of us with computers in our offices have this type of system and security?

Security measures are taken to make sure that your information is protected. Each company’s data is password-protected. You create your own passwords, so no one (not even the ASP employees) can see or have access to your password. As your data travels over the Internet, it is protected by a technology called Secure Sockets Layer or SSL encryption. SSL ensures that your data makes it to your location before it can be decoded. For added security, your company needs to make sure your browser supports 128-bit encryption. This level of encryption is the highest currently supported by consumer Web browsers. Be sure you are also using the latest version of your Web browser, as enhancements have probably been made since you last upgraded. (Security.)

Q3. What about security?
Office Pioneer uses the same level of encryption that a major bank, such as CitiBank and Wells Fargo, uses. You can be assured that you and only you are privy to your most important data. (Security.)

Q4. What software can I use?
Office Pioneer works with a variety of software packages such as QuickBooks®, MYOB®, and Peachtree®. There are also several Internet-based accounting packages, such as ePeachtree®, Net Ledger® and QuickBooks® for the Web. With these options you are not required to purchase any software or software licenses. You simply rent these application packages from the vendors on a month-to-month basis.

There are several Application Service Providers that will host an application for you. At Office Pioneer we host your accounting file ourselves. With any ASP you must still purchase the license for the software you use. The link to the ASP is set up on your system. You are then able to access the software and your data from any computer with an Internet connection.

Q5. Do I have to leave my current accountant?
Of course not. We are offering to take away your bookkeeping headaches. Your current accountant will be grateful for accurate data that they can really use to help you build more wealth. But if you’d like, we would be glad to talk to you about providing business and individual tax preparation services. Office Pioneer is prepared to be a one-stop solution for all your financial and virtual office needs.

Q6. What will it cost?
Actually less then what you’re spending now. First, we are most likely going to charge less than your current payroll for that staff person. Moreover, you will be able to save hiring and training costs. You will also no longer have to pay for rent, phone lines, or benefits. Best of all, you will NOT have to manage the bookkeeper. For a no-obligation, personalized quote, contact us at 1-877-70-ASSIST.

Q7. Does Office Pioneer provide audit and tax services?
Our services are comprehensive and can include all required federal and state tax filings. However, Office Pioneer does not perform audits, reviews, and compilations or provide opinions on your financial statements. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your company and work on your behalf to provide assistance to you and your outside auditors, should an audit be required.

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